High Quality Roofing & Cladding & Steel Frame Buildings

    Norfolk steel frame buildings (NSFB) offered a professional high quality service with over 25 years experience.
    We covered all aspects of roofing and cladding as well as steel framed buildings. However I have moved on from this now to another business called Tooltique selling Antique Tools and reconditioned tools to tradesmen and collectors.

    Industrial Steel Building Work

    We have dealt with many aspects of this business, working on many industrial steel projects for the MOD, prisons, food factories, business units etc, extending this to high end developments like multiplex cinema's and prestigious clients such as Rolls Royce. We are sure if you mentioned the type of client or type of steel building we would have done work on several of these over our time.
    Industry standards can very different from one steel company to another steel company, however due to our policy of price graded work we are maintaining very high standards. Traditionally tradesmen are paid the same price per meter yet we encourage higher standards through grade pricing. A/B/C . If needed, snag lists are then set to achieve grade A. Our Regular tradesman are very much aware of our expectations and are rewarded through administrative leanness as well as our high tech equipment. I have moved on from this now to another business called Tooltique reconditioned and antique tools to tradesmen and collectors.

    Steel Farm Buildings that last!

    Predominantly most agricultural buildings have fibre cement (Previously Asbestos) roofs and ironically there are sheeters that know how to lay these correctly. When the sheets are fitted correctly they have a longer life expectancy yet if they are laid incorrectly the strain can reduce their lifespan by over 50%.

    Other considerations are we explore with our buildings, is to ensure that our clients receive maximum capacity for their investment. Good building design and flexible thinking about development can reduce the overall price per sq metre.
    We have built all types of agricultural buildings including grain stores, metal workshops, dairy buildings such as cattle sheds or pig sheds, onion buildings or potato stores and the list goes on. We have also done a lot of steel buildings for the indoor riding schools also as well as the horse stables. We have clad most if not all types of buildings including an abattoirs as well as undertaking extensive refurbishment products for the food industry such as chicken and turkey factories.

    Industrial and Farm buildings - Refurbishment

    When it comes to refurbishing industrial or agricultural farm buildings then you need to make sure the company who undertakes it has plenty of knowledge as well as considering your position and keeping things safe. Two reasons for this would be that the company in question will need to understand the old construction and what is involved whilst understanding what new products would be best suited to the building design.
    The second and most important factor with refurbishment is that "How the refurbishment is approached" or "How to get the desired result for the lowest cost" Not by skimping on products but the way they are used and the machinery used to carry the job out safely.

    Insulated Steel Garden Buildings

    We are bringing out a new range of insulated steel garden buildings which are perfect for people who work from home or have hobbies that are bursting out of your current property. These low maintenance long life units come in a large range of colours and finishes to suit your main building. Being Fully insulated these clean buildings take very little to heat them, even in the depths of winter. These Steel buildings are cleverly designed so that they can be erected within 12 inches of any boundary ensuring that you are able to maximise the space to any spec you choose, including the internal and external presentation to match existing buildings. These buildings also have a very good fire rating so therefore posses better properties than traditional timber framed solutions offer.

    Metal Roofing and Cladding

    There are plenty of roofing and cladding companies but only a few are run by ex-tradesmen who had excellent reputations.
    With roofing and cladding it's one thing drawing up the design but unless you have fixed it for 20+ years you don't really know how to go about the job in the best manor.
    Most companies are run by draftsmen but its like food critic who hasn't cooked before trying to be a top chef, I know in the past I've bailed out more draftsmen than I care to remember.
    Don't get me wrong many of the draftsmen in charge of jobs are really nice people and are good at what they do but unless you see first hand whats involved its hard to recreate this when setting out the project. Unfortunately some of the labour out there doing sheeting jobs aren't to good at it either. In fact I know plenty of sheeters I wouldn't trust to put up my garden fence yet they still get the work.
    One thing for sure GOOD TRADESMEN DON'T LIKE BAD ONES and they certainly won't employ them, that's why you know your job is in good hands with us.

Roofing and Cladding Specialists to Steel Frame Buildings

Sheeting and cladding

Whats Pricing got to do with it? Whats Pricing got to do with it?

Whats the difference between one company’s quote from another?   Labour: As you would expect as an ex sub-contractor i have seen many things on site over the years. Ironically i have also worked for many of my competitors and seen first hand what their expectations are and how some jobs are quite simply bodged to completion. Firstly it’s important
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Fixing Galvanised Guttering Fixing Galvanised Guttering

The reason we are covering this subject is purely due to the fact so many companies have incurred so many added costs to rectify this problem which is usually added onto the snag list. Now the thing is I’ve seen some right bodge jobs in my time when companies are trying to cure that elusive gutter leak.
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Industrial Buildings

Royal Norfolk Show

Another great show with lots of people and those familiar faces we see year in year out. For those who haven’t been its definitely a great day out which should be added to the calendar.   Next year the show will be held on the 1st & 2nd of July.

Health and safety

Norfolk Steel Buildings – How good is your builder? Norfolk Steel Buildings – How good is your builder?

Erecting steel frame buildings is no child’s play. It is crucial to hire a professional steel erection company who can make your project a success. Personnel who is not well trained can mess up the whole process and build a structure that is neither fit to function nor good to look at. In order to
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Roofing Materials

Plastisol Colours for Metal Sheets Plastisol Colours for Metal Sheets

Here is a handy guide to plastisol colours available for your building. Above are Standard stock colours These are the 200 Micron Leather grain Plastisol colours that are held in stock, all of which are available for quick delivery. Above are the Special order colours These Plastisol colours are also available. Our delivery period may be slightly longer.
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NSFB Ltd - Steel Buildings - Roofing and cladding specialists


As roofing and cladding contractors our aim is to bring far more pride in the work that is undertaken by subcontractors. We underatke a huge array of steel building work, including:- Roofing and cladding refurbishment, Steel work, Steel building extensions, strip and resheet to gables and metal cladding to sides of steel buildings. Metal buildings and fibre cement roofs to agricultural steel frame buildings.
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